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Welcome to PeaceKids Learning Center and Preschool. From infant care all the way to preschool, your child is cherished and cared for here.
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  • Prices listed below are full-time 5-day a week schedule.
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Infants 6 weeks – 12 months: $182/week
The Ducks classroom offers care with individualized schedules and one-on-one interaction. This loving care helps lead towards developmental milestones including motor coordination in a nurturing environment while utilizing the Connecting with Infants curriculum. To engage their newly developing senses, weather permitted strictly supervised outside time is provided in the younger children’s playground

Toddlers 12 months – 24 months: $182/week
The Ladybugs young toddler classroom uses the Adventures for Toddlers curriculum. This classroom prepares these more mobile children for the next stage of development by giving them tools to explore their motor skills. Indoor and outdoor learning and fun is key, with daily activities outside on the younger children’s playground when weather permits.
Toddlers 24 months – 36 months: $171/week
In the Frogs classroom, older toddlers continue their education with the Adventures for Toddlers curriculum and also begin to potty train. A connected bathroom allows important incorporation of potty training both at home and school, which can lead to more structure that can support this time of learning. Indoor and outdoor learning and fun is key, with daily activities outside at our older children’s playground when weather permits. Weekly Pastor led in-classroom chapel helps lay a foundation in Christ partnered with teacher led Bible reading.

Early Childhood 36 months – 3 years: $161/week
Toddlers transition to a preschool setting in the Lions classroom. This room allows for more activities that develop self-help skills. With a restroom immediately next door, the environment fosters development and reinforcement of newly developed potty skills. Weather permitted, children enjoy daily time outside at our older children’s playground. The Adventures in Learning curriculum begins the process of increased learning in preparation for preschool. In classroom Pastor led weekly Chapel builds understanding of the love of Christin addition to in-classroom Bible reading.

Preschool 4 – 5 years: $150/week
The Stars classroom builds on skills already developed by incorporating new focus on colors, shapes, numbers, and letters in preparation for Kindergarten using the Adventures in Learning curriculum. Learning activities are led throughout the day including weather permitted time outside at our older children’s playground to enjoy playtime and build interpersonal skills with friends. Weekly Children’s Chapel in the church Sanctuary/Worship Center reinforces the love of Christ in addition to in-classroom Bible reading. Each summer, a graduation ceremony is held for all children entering Kindergarten the following August.



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