Worship Life

Worship at Peace brings together a diverse people into the loving presence of a living God revealed in  Jesus. Jesus shares God's love through his Word and through the meal of Communion. Every worship service welcomes visitors and newcomers. There is no dress code and no expectation of  an offering.

All services are currently at our Peace East campus, 805 W. Olrich Street in Rogers.

Sunday Morning Festival Worship at 8:30 am
This majestic service features the 28-rank Goulding and Wood pipe organ complimented by congregational hymn singing, the Sanctuary Choir, and vocal and instrumental soloists. The message centers on the Biblical revelation of God's Law and Gospel, applied to today's personal needs.
Refreshments are served afterward in Fellowship Hall.

Sunday Contemporary Worship at 11:00 am
This vibrant popular service is led by our Praise Team, a worship team including keyboard, guitars, drums and vocalists. The core Gospel message of Lutheran worship is re-created in a modern context. Our audio   and visual resources impact this worship time through the use of speakers, amplifiers, projectors and  screens.

Other Worship Times
The year of Christian worship includes special services on Christmas Eve, Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, and Good Friday.